Sports Ministry

Building relationships and skills
through Sports Ministry

Did you know sports are in the Bible?  Like baseball... "In the Big—Inning."  Or tennis... "Joseph served in Pharaoh's court."  Ha!

On a serious note, sports provide a great way to connect with others, develop skills, grow in teamwork, and have FUN!

At Calvary we love to use sports (softball, golf, basketball, hunting, fishing) to connect people with Christ and with each other.  All of our sports opportunities are offered to people of all ages inside the church, as well as for our friends in the community.  Seasonal sports opportunities include summer softball, youth wrestling camps, FCA basketball camps, and a "Upward Basketball" program for boys and girls ages 5-11.  For specifics on sports ministry and schedules, visit our Contact Page, or call the Calvary office at 701-232-5650.

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